03. In-House Grade 5 & 6

First Kicks Programme

Approx Times – 4 x 8 minute rotations & 2 x 8 minute games

Each team will need two ‘coaches’ on the pitch with their team – one to run the activity card and one to take the team around the POD to complete all four activities.  Teams will move around the POD in a clockwise direction.

8:00   Game leaders split players into groups – Activity 1 kick off
8:08   Game leaders send players to next station – Activity 2 kick off
8:16   Game leaders send players to next station – Activity 3 kick off
8:24   Game leaders send players to next station – Activity 4 kick off

8:32   Return to original Station for drink – 2 minutes

Coaches ensure half the team has bibs on. The players wearing bibs will move clockwise to play two 8 minute games. One coach will move with the bibbed players and the other will remain with the non bib players.

8:34   Bibbed players rotate clockwise – Game 1 kick off
8:42   Bibbed players rotate clockwise – Game 2 Kick off
8:50   Pod coordinators return all cards to clubrooms


Duties of a POD Coordinator

  • Collect your high vis vest and POD’s activity cards from the club rooms by 7:40am.
  • Put on your high vis vest, find your field and hand out the activity cards to the coaches in your POD.
  • Ensure all four teams in your POD have their gear and are set up ready to kick off at 8:00am
  • Check coaches have put bibs on half of their players. If a team is short on players, ask for volunteers from the other teams to make up numbers for the games after the activities.
  • Stay with your POD and help throw back balls that have gone out of play.
  • Help the teams rotate in a clockwise direction when the hooter sounds – encourage a fast change when moving from one activity to the next and when moving into the small sided games.
  • Ensure NO parents / spectators are in the middle area of the grids / on the field. There should be no more than 2 adults on the grid at any one time (coaches only).
  • Make sure you and the children are having fun!
  • Collect all the activity cards back from the teams and return them and your vest to the coordinator in the club rooms.Tip: Collect the cards from the coaches at the 2 minute break (after the activities and before the games)