07. In house 8 Years

Fun Football Programme - Grade 8

Approx Times – 1 x 7 minute fit4football warmup, 2 x 7 min rotations, 2 x 16 minute games

Each team will need two ‘coaches’ on the pitch with their team – one to run the activity card and one to take the team around the activity rotation. Someone from each team needs to collect the activity cards from the clubhouse by 5:45pm.

6:00   Fit4Football Warm up activity – own coach
6:07   Activity 1 – own coach
6:14   Activity 2 – swap

6:21   Return to original Station for drink – 2 minutes

Coaches ensure half the team has bibs on. The players wearing bibs will move clockwise to play two 16 minute games. One coach will move with the bibbed players and the other will remain with the non bib players.

6:23   Game 1 kick off
6:39   Game 2 Kick off
6:55   Clear field (remove goals) return all cards to clubrooms