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Workout from Home

Livestream and on-demand F45 workouts in your very own home!

Our friends at F45 Grey Lynn have launched their At-Home Memberships with their coaches bringing you four live stream sessions daily. If you haven’t yet got involved, now’s your chance!

So what do you get with an F45 LIVE At-Home Membership plan?

  • LIVE F45 sessions with F45 coaches – Possibly the world’s best workout right to your very living room. You will have the F45 workout programs you love delivered to you LIVE daily by amazing certified coaches including options with and without equipment
  • On demand – Don’t worry if you miss a LIVE session, they will be recorded and made available on demand for 24 hours afterwards
  • F45 online community – You will receive exclusive entry into F45’s At-Home member page with daily interactive content from trainers covering nutrition, mini-challenges, recipes, technique workshops, mini-workout sets, entertainment and more! Stay connected during self isolation
  • Recovery, mobility & stretch sessions 
  • Accountability – The online class schedule is available via the F45 Training App with the option to “book” yourself into sessions. Trainers during the lives will be on-hand to answer questions, give alternatives and follow up on any slacking
  • Body composition scanning and consultation – FREE body composition scan and consultation when F45 re-open to review post lockdown goals
  • F45 LiiT and LiiT Pro – Once released, in addition to the workouts being coached LIVE and recorded by F45 trainers, you will also have access to the F45 HQ pre-recorded F45 workouts on demand
Staying fit, staying healthy, staying connected

In times of uncertainty, the importance of your physical and mental health becomes imperative.Keep moving, create a routine and most importantly, stay connected as you are not alone!

Simply fill out this form if you are interested, can apply for all ages 16 years +. 
Or contact F45 direct for more info – CONTACT F45