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We Ask Alessandro Fantoni How he and the Team are Shaping Up

On the eve of the Womens Premier Season, we checked in with new coach Alessandro Fantoni to see how he and the team was shaping up.


A belated welcome to the club, how have you settled in?

Perfectly. I've been away for 7yrs and it's good to be back.


How did the squad keep fit during the lockdown and how much communication did you have with them?

We were in regular contact with each other via Facebook, we provided the team with fitness exercises. The club support was great too during this period.


Any new players we need to keep an eye on?

Casey Berrier joins the club this year. She brings leadership and high standards to the team and a lot of experience.


How do you see the development team progressing?

Very well. I see a lot of individual and team improvements. For example I introduced 'the 3 ps'- positioning, possession and pressing. I think they accepted this model because it helps them make better decisions during play and training.


You have a large squad this year which comes with benefits and challenges, how are you going to manage them all?

Well I'm lucky to have very coachable players and I have a great support team in Asst. coach Joe Cavanagh, Reserves coach Matt Upton, Team manager Kelly and Physio Suzy.


Care to make a prediction .....confident of a good season?

Haha! Depends what you mean about good season. For me a good season is making sure I develop the players and that they play our style of football with always the will to win games.

Our Womens Premier team kick off their season tomorrow / Friday 19th v Auckland United at Seddon Fields. 7:45pm kick-off