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Alert Level 3 | 14 Feb 2021

14 February 2021


Seddon Fields is currently closed to both the public and Springs members. 

Springs Skill Centre, Academy training and Player ID sessions postponed until further notice.
  • Organised sports or physical activity is not allowed outside your bubble.
  • You can train at your home or outside with bubble members only. For example, going for a run or weight training.
  • Do not share equipment outside your bubble. For example, you cannot play frisbee or kick a rugby ball with those outside of your bubble.
  • Do not use things like playground equipment or benches in public spaces for your training.
  • Recreation is only for individuals, or with those inside your bubble in a public space.
  • If you’re exercising outdoors, maintain physical distancing (2 metres). Try to avoid places with a large number of people – and do not arrange to meet anyone.
  • You can travel within your region to get to a destination for recreation (for example going to a particular park or trail). Check-in advance whether the place you’re going to is open – not all areas will be open.
  • Participate in low-risk activities only: care must be taken not to be injured and require medical care.


Stay safe