Youth Football

The second stage of the award-winning Whole of Football Plan is in the form of the Youth Framework, which aims to encourage more young New Zealanders to fall in love with the beautiful game.

Launched by New Zealand Football in 2011, the Whole of Football Plan provides a unified pathway for players, coaches, referees and administrators to deliver a consistent high-quality experience that is designed and tailored to meet their needs.

The Youth Framework will look to capitalise on the success of Junior Football by keeping young players involved and making sure they are enthusiastic about playing in the youth age category of 13 to 19.

The Youth Framework is an essential element of the Whole of Football Plan and is based on extensive research. It caters for all players, from those who simply want to play football to those who aspire to play at the highest level. It also guides coaches on how to support players by providing a range of appropriate competition and training structure environments.

Grading is strictly based on the year of birth:
2008 – 13th Grade | 2007 – 14th Grade  |  2006 – 15th Grade  |  2005 – 16th Grade  |  2004 – 17th Grade  |  2003 – 18th Grade  |  2002 – 19th Grade


Organisation of Teams

All registrations are sent to the relevant Grade Coordinator, and where possible the Grade Coordinator will select teams based upon requests – friends, schools, previous teams (early requests are easier to meet). Teams are usually announced during the second half of March and will be emailed out by the Grade Coordinator. Female players have the option to play in an all female team - see Girls Youth Football.

Both male and female players have the option of trialling to be selected for one of our NRFL Youth or NRF Championship teams in the 13th, 14th, 15th or 17th grade. There is no 16th-grade competition.


NRFL Youth and NRF Championship

At the beginning of Term 1 all registered 13th - 17th grade players are invited to attend Player ID Sessions to play for one of our Academy teams - playing in the NRFL Youth or NRF Championship (formerly the Metro or Conference teams).  Players (boys and girls are eligible) who are selected in these teams will be required to train 3x per week (NRFL Youth) or 2x per week (NRF Championship) and play a game on a Sunday in competitions organised by Northern Region Football (NRF).

These games will take place either at Seddon Fields and away at clubs throughout Auckland (e.g. up north as far as Northland and south to Drury).  The NRFL Youth teams may have games in WaiBoP

Click here for 2021 trial dates and information


Coaches and Managers

Each team requires a volunteer coach, assistant coach and a manager (including development teams). Every team will be provided with a kit bag at the start of the season which contains balls, cones and bibs. It is up to the team if they have training or not and there will be the opportunity to request Turf space at Seddon Fields for training. The club also has bookings that allows any team to use Walker Park and Cox Bay for trainings during the week.

Coaches are encouraged to complete a Youth Coaching Course which will be held in the Western Springs Clubrooms and at no expense to the coach. These usually require you to attend just one session and will help you with ideas on how to help the kids develop. Team Coaches should encourage positive behaviours, and all players to perform different skills and roles within the team.



Western Springs AFC is committed to continuing to improve the level of coaching at the Club. Where the Club is able to provide a suitably qualified coach for any NRFL Youth and NRF Championship team, there will be an additional fee required to cover the coaching fees throughout the season



All players should wear 'Springs' shirt, shorts and socks. These can be purchased online or instore at Soccer Scene in Point Chevalier. It is recommended that shin pads are worn, and Turf Boots are compulsory on the Turf.

Teams playing in the Metro league will be supplied with numbered shirts, but will need to provide own shorts and socks.

All coaches and managers are required to wear turf boots on the turf.


Mixed NRF League

Northern Region Football

Girls and Boys aged 13-17

Start:  Saturday 8th May 2021
Finish: Saturday 2nd October 2021

Grading: 8, 15, 22, 29 May 2021

No games: 5th June, 17th & 24th July

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Female NRF League

Northern Region Football

Girls aged 13 - 16

NRF League - Season Dates

Start:  Saturday 8th May 2021
Finish: Saturday 2nd October 2021

Grading: 8, 15, 22, 29 May 2021

No games: 5th June, 17th & 24th July

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NRF Championship

Selected Boys and Girls aged 13-19

Start: 8th May 2021
Finish: 2nd October 2021

No games: 17th & 24th July, 28th August 2021

NRFL Youth

Selected Girls and Boys aged 13-19

Start: 11th April 2021
Finish: 26th September 2021

No games: 24th April, 17th July, 28th August

NRFL Youth Girls

Selected Girls aged 13-16


Start: 10th April 2021
Finish: 25th September 2021

No games: 24th April, 17th July, 28th August