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Inconsistency frustrates Zoro but players determined to get it right

It was 4 losses in a row for our Premier Men's team last weekend as conceding goals continues to hamper their progression 

A game of two halves? The downside- 2 early goals conceded and then another before half time. The timing of the goals we are conceding this season must be very frustrating?

Conceding any goal is frustrating especially the manner in which we are currently conceding them. It’s something we will be working hard to rectify as soon as possible! 


The upside- A better 2nd half which gave us a chance to get something out of the game. How were you in the sheds after?

Obviously not happy as we didn’t perform well in the first half but the main disappointment for me was we didn’t carry out our game plan or if we did we didn’t do so with enough quality. The players weren’t happy either which shows they care. 


Only 1 point off the top 4 thanks to those initial victories. Keep calm and carry on or time for some changes?

Yes we are still in a good position despite our recent losses so there is no need for panic. We need to address a few issues and perhaps look at making changes to try to get back on track. 


A good couple of weeks for the u23s with back to back wins. How are they getting on and anyone pushing for a Prem spot?

Yes they’ve had a couple of good results. The main thing is that they are learning and developing, especially the younger players. At this stage there isn’t anyone really standing out and making a statement to say select me for the first team squad. 


Manukau United up next, always a good scrap. Friday night under the lights at Seddon. How are the players coping to playing on a Friday night compared to Saturday? Do you notice any difference?

We’ve only played one Friday night game so hard to say at this point but most players have indicated they enjoy playing on a Friday night especially if there’s a decent crowd watching from the balcony!