First Kicks

Whole of Football In-House
Saturday Mornings – 8:00am or 9:00am at Walker Park, Walker Road

(until the turf becomes available again at Seddon Fields, Meola Road)

First session: Saturday 7th May 2021
Final session:  Saturday 24th September 2021

No Whole of Football on the following holiday 2021 dates:
4th June, 16, 23 July

5th Grade Coordinator – Racheal Monks -
6th Grade Coordinator – Racheal Monks

Grading is strictly based on the year of birth: (2022 Season)
2017 – 5th Grade  |  2016 – 6th Grade


Our youngest members are introduced to football through ‘First Kicks’ – part of New Zealand Football’s Junior Framework. The players learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment, taking part in weekly sessions that provide wide ranging benefits:

  • Social & Emotional – lots of interaction, enjoyment
  • Technical & Tactical – lots of touches, 1v1s, attacking & defending
  • Physical – develop Functional Movement Patterns, more active
  • Mental – lots of opportunities for success and for decision making


Maximum of 8 players per team

25m x 17m (1/16th of a pitch) with 2m x 1m goals


  • 4 x 8 minute station rotation activities as a team (moving clockwise)
    • Fit4football 11+ kids (learn more about Fit4Football here)
    • Football Coordination
    • Football Technique
    • Small Sided Games
  • 2 x 8 minute small-sided 3v3 or 4v4 games against other teams

Four teams will be allocated to each 1/4 pitch and have a Pod Coordinator.
Each 1/4 pitch will have 4 equally sized pitches (25m x 17m). The weekly allocation of pitches and station activities will be made available on our App usually at least two days in advance.

All teams will rotate through the same four rotation activities each Saturday morning, with laminated activity cards made available for use. Digital versions of these activity cards will also be available throughout the season for use during training.

For the Saturday mornings to run smoothly, each team should have two coaches, one coach should run the rotation activity and another coach should follow the team around each of the 4 activities.  The manager (or other parent) will at times need to act as a Pod Coordinator.  The hooter is sounded to signal the start/end of each activity.

The Pod Coordinator will collect (and wear) a Pod Coordinator vest and 4 station activity cards from our Whole of Football Coordinator, approximately 15 minutes prior to the session.  They will then allocate a station activity card to each team in their Pod, who will need to mark out their own area and set up their allocated activity. At the end of the session, the Pod Coordinator collects the 4 activity cards in and returns them along with the vest back to the Whole of Football Coordinator.


  • Players are encouraged to enjoy being in possession of the ball; the focus is on having fun and participation.
  • There are no throw-ins, goal kicks, corners, free kicks or kick offs.
  • If the ball goes out of play or a goal is scored, coaches are encouraged to throw a ball back onto the pitch.
  • All players play in the games. Coaches should try to ensure games are relatively evenly matched.  If one team has more players that the opposition then the coaches can monitor the game and balance the teams as fairly as possible by sharing players.
  • Team coaches will be on the field to encourage players and their positive behaviours. Coaches should encourage all players to perform different skills and roles within the team.

Should watch games from behind the fence or on the balcony and provide encouragement to all players.



All players should wear 'Springs' shirt, shorts and socks. These can be purchased online or instore at Soccer Scene in Point Chevalier. It is recommended that shin pads are worn, and Turf Boots are compulsory on the Turf.

All coaches and managers are required to wear turf boots on the turf.