20. NRF Championship

NRF Championship
Sunday kick off between 10am & 3pm

Seddon Fields, Meola Road and other club locations throughout Auckland and Northland

Selected Girls and Boys aged 13-17 years

NRF Championship - Season Dates

Start: 8 May 2021
Finish: 25 September 2021

No games: 5 June, 17 July, 24 July


13th Grade Coordinator – Karla Flood – coordinator2008@wsafc.org.nz
14th Grade Coordinator
 – Paul Speary – coordinator2007@wsafc.org.nz
15th Grade Coordinator – Jane Welsh – coordinator2006@wsafc.org.nz
16th Grade Coordinator – Claire-Louise Wilson – coordinator2005@wsafc.org.nz
17th - 19th Grade Coordinator – Claire-Louise Wilson – youthcoordinator@wsafc.org.nz

Grading is strictly based on the year of birth:
2008 - 13th Grade  |  2007 – 14th Grade | 2006 – 15th Grade  |  2005 – 16th Grade  |  2004 – 17th Grade  |  2003 – 18th Grade  |  2002 – 19th Grade    


The YFM and FDM will select Development Teams to play in the NRF Championship, taking into consideration training and games both during trials and during High Performance Programmes (HPP). Development Teams are usually announced during late February / early March and will be sent out by the FDM.  Squads usually consist of 16 players per team.  2021 Trial dates.

Western Springs AFC is committed to continuing to improve the level of coaching at the Club. All NRF Championship teams are required to have a coach qualified to a minimum of NZF/OFC C Licence (or equivalent).  Where the club provides a suitably qualified coach for any NRF Championship team, there will be an additional fee required to cover the expenses of this coach throughout the season.


PITCH (Optimal and where available)
13th & 14th Grade - 82m x 50m
15th Grade - 90m x 55m
17th Grade - 100m x 60m

13th Grade – 2 x 35 mins
14th Grade – 2 x 35 mins
15th Grade – 2 x 40 mins
17th Grade – 2 x 45 mins


  • 11v11 games including Goalkeepers
  • Up to 5 rolling substitutes
  • As per FIFA rules


Teams playing in NRF Championship division, the weekly allocation of fixtures and field locations will be published on the Northern Region Football (NRF) website.

Home games are usually played at Seddon Fields, Meola Road

Away games are played at clubs throughout Auckland and up north as far as Northland and south to Drury.


Should watch games from behind the fence or on the balcony. Provide encouragement to all players but leave specific football comments to the coach.

Those interested in playing an active role supporting the players could:

- Manage a team – working with the coach
- Coach a team for 1-2 training and 1 game per week
- Enrol in a Club Based Referee (CBR) course so they can referee games.
- Run the line as an Assistant Referee.


All players should wear 'Springs' shirt, shorts and socks. These can be purchased online through the WSAFC website or instore at Soccer Scene in Point Chevalier. It is recommended that shin pads are worn, and Turf Boots are compulsory on the Turf.

All coaches and managers are required to wear turf boots on the turf.