06. Fun Football 8 Years

Whole of Football In-House
Friday Evenings: 6pm - 7pm

First session: 27 March 2020
Final session: 28 August 2020

No Whole of Football on the following 2020 holiday dates:
10, 17, 24 April, 29 May, 10, 17 July

8th Grade Coordinator – Nicole Roe  coordinator2012@wsafc.org.nz

Grading is strictly based on the year of birth: (2020 Season)
2012 – 8th Grade


Our youngest members are introduced to football through ‘Fun Football’ – part of New Zealand Football’s Junior Framework. The players learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment, taking part in weekly sessions that provide wide ranging benefits:

  • Social & Emotional – lots of interaction, enjoyment
  • Technical & Tactical – lots of touches, 1v1s, attacking & defending
  • Physical – develop Functional Movement Patterns, more active
  • Mental – lots of opportunities for success and for decision making


30m x 24m (1/8th of a pitch) with 2m x 1m goals


  • 1 x 7 minute warm-up activity with coach
    • Fit4football 11+ kids (learn more about Fit4football here)
  • 2 x 7 minute rotation activities as a team (swapping with opposing team)
    • Football Coordination
    • Football Technique
  • 2 x 16 minute small-sided 5v5 or 4v4 games – against each half of opposing team

The weekly allocation of pitches and rotation activities will be made available on our App usually at least two days in advance. Two teams will be allocated to each 1/4 pitch.  Each 1/4 pitch will have two equally sized pitches (30m x 24m).  These can be made smaller if 3v3.

A coach from each team should collect 1 rotation activity card and 1 Fit4football card from our Whole of Football Coordinator in the clubrooms, approximately 15 minutes prior to the session.  Each team then marks out their own area and sets up their allocated rotation activity.  At the end of the session, all coaches return their cards to the Whole of Football Coordinator.  Digital versions of these activity cards will also be available throughout the season for use during training.

For the Friday evenings to run smoothly, for each team one coach should run the rotation activity and another coach should follow the team to the other activity.  The hooter is sounded to signal the start/end of each activity.  At the end of the session, the coaches should return the activity cards to the Whole of Football Coordinator in the clubrooms.


  • Players are encouraged to enjoy being in possession of the ball; the focus is on having fun and participation.
  • Goal kicks and corners can be introduced.  For goal kicks, encourage opposition players to retreat back into their own half to allow the team in possession to pass the ball out to begin their attack.  Allow kick-ins rather than throw-ins when the ball goes out at the side of the pitch. When a goal is scored, encourage the scoring team to retreat to their own half and allow the conceding team to restart from their goal - again passing the ball out.
  • All players play in the games.  Coaches should try to ensure games are relatively evenly matched.  If one team has more players that the opposition then the coaches can monitor the game and balance the teams as fairly as possible by sharing players.
  • Team coaches will be on the field to encourage players and their positive behaviours.  Coaches should encourage all players to perform different skills and roles within the team.

Should watch games from behind the fence or on the balcony and provide encouragement to all players.



All players should wear 'Springs' shirt, shorts and socks. These can be purchased online or instore at Soccer Scene in Point Chevalier. It is recommended that shin pads are worn, and Turf Boots are compulsory on the Turf.

All coaches and managers are required to wear turf boots on the turf.


Girls Additional Option

U8 Girls will also have the option to play alongside other U8 and U9 girls during in-house games for girls on Sunday morning from 8-9am.  U8 girls can choose to play on Sunday mornings in addition to their U8 in-house on Fridays in their mixed teams.  Following registration in March, your grade coordinator will be in touch to see which U8 girls are going to play on Sundays also.


Development Teams

Pre-season all registered 8th Grade players will be invited to attend trials to be part of a WSAFC Development team. Children selected into a development squad will be required to train twice per week (one HPU clinic and an extra cost) and will play in the Grade 9 & 10 Inhouse competition on Sunday mornings. Click here for 2020 Player ID Dates