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AFF Announce NAGT Squads for 2019

Congratulations to the 16 Western Springs players selected to represent the Auckland Football Federation at the 2019 National Age Group Tournament.

The teams will depart on Wednesday for Wellington where they will take on every other Federation in their respective age group. An opportunity to not only take on the best players in the country, but to also express themselves in front of New Zealand age group international coaches.

The players and coaches selected have spent the last four weeks participating in AFF's  "Federation Talent Centre Identification Programme" which is centred around the NZF National Curriculum.

2019 Squads...

AFF U14 Girls

Aimee Feinberg-Danieli (Eastern Suburbs)
Arya Blacker (Eastern Suburbs)
Charlie Duffy (Western Springs)
Charlotte Richardson (Eastern Suburbs)
Dani Levy (Eastern Suburbs)
Helena O’Connor (Western Springs)
Isabelle O’Connell (Three Kings United)
Kate Williamson (Bucklands Beach)
Laihei Connolly (Eastern Suburbs)
Lara Colpi (Western Springs)
Lucy Hunt (Eastern Suburbs)
Marie Green (Ellerslie AFC)
Olivia Page (Eastern Suburbs)
Ruby Nathan (Eastern Suburbs)
Vibha Godha (Western Springs)
Zoe Benson (Bucklands Beach)
Zoe Broad (Three Kings United)

Head Coach: Ryan Shiffman
Assistant Coach: Beth Rattray

U15 Boys

Addison Stewart (Bay Olympic)
Aidan Price (Western Springs)
Joseph Knowles (Bay Olympic)
Josiah Tekeste (Onehunga Sports)
Lewis Cartwright (Onehunga Sports)
Louis King (Western Springs)
Lucas Kellett (Bay Olympic)
Mason Barlow (Onehunga Sports)
Mirko Brinkmann (Bay Olympic)
Moh Reynolds (Onehunga Sports)
Rhys Davies (Onehunga Sports)
Samuel McLaggan (Onehunga Sports)
Sami Saulaki Nabenu (Onehunga Sports)
Shore Harada (Onehunga Sports)
Will Mendoza (Onehunga Sports)
William Gregory (Onehunga Sports)
Wilson Souphanthavong (Onehunga Sports)
Zach Beehre (Eastern Suburbs)

Head Coach: Jo Dawkins
Assistant Coach: Brad Bicknell

AFF U16 Boys

Aidan Kozyniak (Onehunga Sports)
Ben Coyle-Smith (Three Kings United)
Creedance Junior (CJ) Lupena-Baker (Central United)
Finn Dockerty (Central United)
Hamish MacGibbon (Bay Olympic)
John Fitzgerald (Western Springs)
Jonah Pastiroff (Onehunga Sports)
Joshua Grant (Onehunga Sports)
Kristoff Muller (Onehunga Sports)
Marcel Stoddard (Central United)
Matthew Thomas (Western Springs)
Max Hancock (Onehunga Sports)
Oscar Yee (Ellerslie AFC)
Pavan Prasad (Central United)
Samuel Lonergan (Onehunga Sports)
Seb Smith (Western Springs)
Tadiwa Pswarayi (Manurewa AFC)
Zach Revereza (Onehunga Sports)

Head Coach: Brian Shelley
Assistant Coach: Alan Shaker

AFF U14 Boys

Adama Coulilbaly (Western Springs)
Benji McCarthy (Onehunga Sports)
Cade Morpeth (Western Springs)
Fergus Gillion (Onehunga Sports)
Finn Monk (Eastern Suburbs)
Hayden Stubbings (Three Kings United)
Ikjun Cho (Western Springs)
Jake Woolford (Bay Olympic)
Karthik Kumar (Onehunga Sports)
Liam Buyck (Ellerslie AFC)
Oliver Kelly (Eastern Suburbs)
Oliver Middleton (Onehunga Sports)
Ralph Rutherford (Eastern Suburbs)
Sam Lewis (Eastern Suburbs)
William Eng (Onehunga Sports)
Woodie Wilson (Western Springs)
Xander Hart (Eastern Suburbs)
Zachary Chung (Onehunga Sports)

Head Coach: Fred De Jong
Assistant Coach: Eyob Tekalion

U16 Girls

Alexandra Saunders (Ellerslie AFC)
Alisha Braun (Eastern Suburbs)
Brooke Conover (Eastern Suburbs)
Eilish McNeill (Ellerslie AFC)
Ella Findlay (Eastern Suburbs)
Eloise Robinson (Eastern Suburbs)
Hannah Grimsey (Ellerslie AFC)
Kate Duncan (Three Kings United)
Kitty Jacob (Western Springs)
Lexie Sheed (Eastern Suburbs)
Maddy McCormick (Ellerslie AFC)
Mia Grgicevich (Western Springs)
Nadine Robberts (Bucklands Beach)
Sarah Carpenter (Franklin United)
Sharon Tomokino (Bucklands Beach)
Sophia De Maghlaes (Eastern Suburbs)
Sophie Culpan (Western Springs)
Stella Lawson (Three Kings United)

Head Coach: Nicola Demaine
Assistant Coach: Ashleigh Taylor (replacing initially named Joanna Watkinson)