APP – WOF Fun Football Format 8yrs

Fun Football Programme
Friday Evenings – 4:15-5:15pm at Walker Park

Two teams will be allocated to each 1/4 pitch (POD). Each team will need two ‘coaches’ on the pitch with their team – one to run the activity card and one to take their team to the other activity (with the other coach). The hooter is sounded to signal the start/end of each activity/game.

Activity cards should be collected from our Whole of Football Coordinator in the clubrooms, at least 15 minutes prior to the session, and returned to the Whole of Football Coordinator at the end of the session.

Maximum of 10 players per team

30m x 20m (1/10th of a pitch) with 2m x 1m goals

FORMAT - Based on starting at 4:15pm

4:15   Fit4Football Warm-up activity with own coach
4:24   Activity 1 with own coach
4:33   Activity 2 swap with other team coach

4:42 Return to your original station for a drink – 3 minutes 

Coaches ensure half the team has bibs on and organise with opponents so bibs v non-bibs on each field. After game 1, one team swaps the bibbed players over and then each team plays against the other half of the opposition team.

4:45   Game 1 kick-off
4:59   Bibbed players swap
5:01   Game 2 kick-off
5:15   Clear field (remove goals) return all cards to Whole of Football Coordinator


  • Players are encouraged to enjoy being in possession of the ball; the focus is on having fun and participation
  • Goal kicks and corners can be introduced. For goal kicks, encourage opposition players to retreat back into their own half to allow the team in possession to pass the ball out to begin their attack. 
  • When a goal is scored, encourage the scoring team to retreat to their own half and allow the conceding team to restart from their goal - again passing the ball out
  • Allow kick-ins rather than throw-ins when the ball goes out at the side of the pitch
  • Coaches should try to ensure games are relatively evenly matched. If one team has more players than the opposition then the coaches can monitor the game and balance the teams as fairly as possible by sharing players
  • Team coaches will be on the field to encourage players and their positive behaviours. Coaches should encourage all players to perform different skills and roles within the team

All supporters should watch games from behind the fence or on the balcony and provide encouragement to all players.