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Concussion in Football

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries and must be taken seriously. There are many ways players (and spectators) can sustain a concussion at a football game – you don’t even need to hit your head! Sometimes just the force of your head being thrown with velocity can cause the brain to move inside the skull, causing damage to the brain.

New Zealand Football has a Concussion and Head Injury Policy and its focus is to ensure that coaches, players, parents, clubs and officials are able to act in the best interest of player safety, and welfare by taking responsibility for the injured player.

The principals behind the policy are RECOGNISE, REMOVE, REFER, REST, RECOVER & RETURN. WSAFC has protocols for our players that are based on the NZF protocols and the 2016 Berlin Consensus Statement.

We all have a role to play in concussion and it is important it is taken seriously. We strongly encourage you to read the NZF concussion & Head Injury Policy and familiarise yourself with how to recognise a concussion or possible concussion and how to manage it. Click on the image below to download.


Currently Physio’s in New Zealand cannot diagnose a concussion, however Back To Your Feet Physiotherapists are trained in the management of sports related concussion. They can help refer you to the Axis Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic, help with your graduated return to sport and manage any associated neck or other musculoskeletal injuries. Give them a call or book online for a thorough assessment.