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COVID-19 Alert Level 2 | 11 May 2020

With the government’s announcement that New Zealand will start moving to Alert Level 2 this Thursday, we are looking forward to welcoming our members and supporters back to Seddon Fields soon!

However, for clubs to return to football games and trainings strict Health and Safety guidelines must be adhered to which include;

  • Contact tracing
  • Limited size of gatherings
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Physical distancing

We are currently working on what measures will need to be put in place to meet all Government and Sporting Authority requirements, however we are also waiting for confirmation from NZF and Sport NZ on exactly what needs to be done to achieve the above requirements.

It is essential that the club has all protocols in place and approved before any club football resumes whether it be training or games. This means that no WSAFC team trainings are to take place until team managers and coaches have been advised directly by the club that it is ok to do so.

New Zealand Football has indicated that when we move into Alert Level 2, team trainings may commence from 16th May, and games from 30th May. We must stress that this is dependent on the club meeting all Health and Safety requirements.

While we are working hard to be able to meet these possible start dates, the health and wellbeing of all our participants remain our priority and we will confirm as soon as possible when trainings and games can commence at Seddon Fields. We will also confirm what will be required from our players, coaches, managers, and supporters to ensure we are abiding by Alert Level 2 Health and Safety requirements.

So, in the meantime keep up the home training and possibly step it up a notch!

We look forward to safely seeing you soon.