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Facilities and Infrastructure – Be part of the Focus Group

Hello again to all WS club members and supporters

It has taken a lot longer than we hoped, but we are now back to putting together some detailed plans to take our club into the future as a better, stronger club. In order to do this, we are working on our five-year plan that many of you are aware of, and I know some have indicated they would like to be involved in the preparation of this.

Life members Steve Lowe and Martin Bell have got us started with a draft that covers a number of areas that need to be addressed. The ones we would like to focus on initially are the two that are probably nearest and dearest to most of us: the clubrooms and the fields/facilities. Below are some summarised thoughts from the draft five-year plan.

Focus Area 1.
Reconfigure the clubrooms - potential inclusions;

  • Orientate the entrance to Meola Road
  • Provide better viewing for games and more shelter with deck areas around clubroom
  • Configuration of the clubrooms for the most productive use, considering storage, café, physio rooms

Focus Area 2.
Reconfigure the precinct layout to promote better use by the wider community - potential inclusions;

  • Promote community-based healthy activity, around small game pitches, fitness trail and café, including non- football activities
  • Take advantage of upgrade options for Field 3 (Zoo end) around the World Cup, with long-term objectives to reposition towards the southeast corner, and have viewing stands
  • Look to include in a resurfacing project the extension of the turf area to include small pitches between Field 1 and Field 4, and small size pitches between Field 1 and Field 3
  • Create a safety ‘drop-off’ zone for parents from Motions Road
  • Create a bike path from Motions Road, behind clubrooms to Meola Road

The Executive Committee has determined that the next step from here is to put together two smaller teams – one for each of these areas.

We would very much like to have representatives on each of these that are NOT already part of our committees – partly to spread the workload, and also to ensure we get a wider representation of the whole club when considering ideas.

Therefore if you, a) have an interest in being part of a Focus Group, and/or have some specific skills that you would be able to add to either of the groups (eg. an architect for the clubrooms), or b) have a good idea for either of the two focus areas, but don’t want to be part of the group, (no idea is a bad one at this point), or c) know of someone that you think should be part of the group, but might be a bit shy about putting their own name forward, and you'd like to let us know about them (no harm is done if they say no) please click here.

With regard to timelines, we would like to have two small teams in place by the end of November, and be able to take some recommendations back to the Executive Committee by March of next year – so the sooner you can respond the better please.

Thank you for your consideration – we hope you will help us to put together an inspiring plan for the future.





Warwick Hooper

Executive Chairman