Activity Card Football Coordination 7-8 Beat the Keepers

BEAT THE KEEPERS (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 7-8 years


  1. Create an area up to 30m x 20m. Modify the width depending on the number of players
  2. Divide the area up into three zones of equal size
  3. Divide the players into 3 even groups and, if possible, place equal numbers in each zone. There must be equal numbers in each end zone
  4. Players in the end zones have a ball each


  1. Players in the outside zone try to shoot the ball along the ground through the ‘goalkeeper’ zone to the other end zone
  2. If a player in the ‘goalkeeper’ zone manages to intercept the shot, they then swap places with the player who shot the ball
  3. ‘Goalkeepers’ cannot use their hands, they must stop the ball with their feet only
  4. Play for 2 mins. And then swap the goalkeepers if necessary


Basic: The ‘goalkeepers’ are allowed to use their hands to stop the ball


  • Develops passing and receiving techniques
  • Passing over short distances
  • Basic awareness of other players