Activity Card Football Coordination 7-8 Doctor Doctor

DOCTOR DOCTOR (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 7-8 years


  1. Create an area up to 30m x 20m
  2. In two corners use 3 cones to make a ‘surgery’ 2m x 2m
  3. Spilt the players into 2 teams and allocate 1 ‘doctor’ per team
  4. All players have a ball except the ‘doctor’


  1. The game starts with all players dribbling inside the area. They try to kick away opposition balls while keeping their own
  2. If a players ball is knocked out they must take it to their ‘surgery’ and wait
  3. The ‘doctor’ can release players from the ‘surgery’ by tagging them. While inside the ‘surgery’ the ‘doctor’ is safe, but they can only go there to release a player
  4. The game can be won by a team if they can pass the ball at the opposition ‘doctor’ and hit them below the knees


BASIC: Change the part of the foot used to dribble
INTERMEDIATE: Players can only pass the ball at the ‘doctor’ with their non-dominant foot


  • Protecting the ball while dribbling
  • Passing accuracy over different distances