Activity Card Football Coordination 7-8 First to Score

FIRST TO SCORE (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 7-8 years


  1. Set up a goal or two cones if a goal is not available. One player stands next to each goal post
  2. Using cones, mark out 2 squares that start 6m away from the goal
  3. Place 2 further cones 3m from the back of the 2 squares
  4. Line up 2 teams behind the start cones, with a ball each


  1. The aim is for players to race against each other to complete a skill successfully and then score
  2. On your signal, the first 2 players dribble to the square, pick up the ball if necessary, complete the skill and shoot
  3. The players beside the goal collect the ball, run to the starting cone, and are replaced by the shooter
  4. Players waiting in the line can practice the skill


Make the skill more challenging:
- 2 juggles on the thigh and shoot
- 1 juggle on each thigh
- Juggling combining body parts
- Heading the ball twice
- Increase the number of juggles


  • Controlling the ball with different body parts
  • Shooting accuracy over different distances