Activity Card Football Coordination 9-12 Gate Keepers

GATE KEEPERS (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 9-12 years


  1. Area of up to 25 x 25m. Modify area depending on the number and age of players.
  2. Place gates around the area (Gates can be made with 2 cones). Ensure that you have more gates than gate keepers.
  3. All players in Red have a ball each. 2 or 3 players in Blue are without a ball (Gate Keepers). Or the Coach can be the Gate Keeper.
  4. Place 4 Goals around the outside of the area.


  1. Reds dribble through the Gates and get a point each time they do.
  2. Gate Keepers stop the reds from dribbling through the gates. Gate Keepers are only there to block the gate and are not allowed to tackle.
  3. Play for a set time and see how many points each player wins.
  4. Switch team roles.


  • Increase/decrease the number of gates
  • Increase/decrease the number of Gate Keepers
  • Gate Keepers are allowed to win the ball. If they do, they are allowed to score in one of the goals, resulting in the attackers score reducing to zero


  • Dribbling with low centre of gravity
  • Change of pace & direction
  • Awareness – keep head up to know which gates are free