Activity Card Football Coordination 4-12 Land Ahoy

LAND AHOY (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 4-12 years


  1. Overall area of 30x30m. Set up 3 “Islands” using circles of cones and a “Pirate Ship” with a rectangle of cones. Vary the size of islands.
  2. Scatter cones, bibs and footballs within the circles.
  3. Footballs = cannonballs, bibs = silk , cones = precious gems.
  4. 2 Blue defenders start on the islands. All other players have a ball & start on the ‘ship’.


  1. Players dribble the ball to islands and try to steal the treasure and take it back to their ship.
  2. The 2 defenders try to stop them by tagging players. If tagged players must drop whatever treasure they have and leave the island immediately.
  3. Players can only be tagged on the islands, but defenders can move between islands to defend all 3.


  • Decrease size of the islands to make them easier to defend
  • Add more defenders
  • Give a time limit
  • Defenders can tackle players and kick their ball away


  • Dribbling & turning
  • Vision & awareness
  • Shielding
  • Awareness of roles and responsibilities (defence/attack)