Activity Card Football Coordination 4-12 Protect the City

PROTECT THE CITY (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 4-12 years


  1. Set up area 20x20m with 4-6 footballs sitting on cones in the middle.
  2. Select a group of 4 players who will become the defenders of the city (Blues).
  3. Reds (Attackers) spread out around the square with 6-8 footballs (missiles) between them.
  4. Place a ball in a “safe zone” in the corners for defenders to use.


  1. Reds must pass the football past the “Defenders” and try and knock over the city in the middle.
  2. Defenders must block the missiles without entering the city boarder (specify a perimeter that the defenders can not enter, 2-3m diameter).


  • Reds can pass to other attackers to create an angle to send missiles
  • Defenders can retrieve balls from the safe zone to replace a fallen city building in the middle
  • Increase missiles or decrease defenders
  • Increase or decrease the size of the area


  • Compactness in defending
  • Passing and Shooting
  • Vision and Awareness