Activity Card Football Coordination 4-12 Show Me the Money

SHOW ME THE MONEY (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 4-12 years


  1. Area of up to 20x20m. Modify area depending on the age & number of players. Two cones placed 2 metres apart represent “Banks”, and are placed on each side of the area.
  2. Divide the players into 2 uneven groups and bib accordingly.
  3. Blues begin with a ball each (1 ball = 1 Dollar).
  4. Place footballs in each corner of the area.


  1. Reds start practice as defenders, Blues as attackers.
  2. Reds have to steal a ball from a Blue and dribble it to the Bank.
  3. If an attacker loses their ball, they get another one from the piggy banks in one of the corners and re-enter the game.
  4. Keep count of how many dollars the defenders get, then change defenders after 60 seconds.


  • Add one or more defenders
  • Remove one or more balls so attackers can pass to help retain the ball
  • Attackers have one ball between the team and attempt to keep possession through passing


  • Awareness and vision of defenders/team mates
  • Dribbling to protect the ball
  • Proactive defending / tackling
  • Turning away from defenders