Activity Card Football Coordination 4-12 Zombie Apocalypse

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (Football Coordination)
Suitable for players aged 4-12 years


  1. Set up area 20x20m with 4x 1m squares in each corner.
  2. Make a team of 6 zombies (Blues), 4 of which stand in each of the four corners. The other two are in the middle.
  3. Reds (Humans) have a football (Brain) at their feet and are free to dribble around the square.
  4. Place some coloured bibs on the edge of the area.


  1. The two zombies in the middle must win possession of a brain and then take to one of the 4 corners.
  2. The waiting zombie can then enter the game and look to steal another brain.
  3. A human without a brain must collect a bib from the side of the area, becomes a zombie.
  4. Who can be the last human standing?


  • Humans can win back possession of their brain before the zombie gets to one of the four corners
  • Zombie is allowed to pass back to one of the four corners
  • Coach to specify which foot to dribble with (left/right)
  • Increase or decrease the size of the area


  • Dribbling with head up
  • Maintaining possession (1v1)
  • Tackling and passing
  • Awareness of passing angles