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Springs Success at the NAGT

Congratulations to all that represented Auckland Football Federation at the recent National Age Group Tournament in Wellington, and earning AFF the title of Federation Cup Winners!

We are super proud of all the WSAFC representatives:

U14 Girls - Charlie Duffy, Helena O’Connor, Lara Colpi, Vibha Godha
U14 Boys - Adama Coulilbaly, Cade Morpeth, Ikjun Cho, Woodie Wilson
U15 Boys - Aidan Price, Louis King
U16 Girls - Kitty Jacob, Mia Grgicevich, Sophie Culpan
U16 Boys - John Fitzgerald, Matthew Thomas, Seb Smith

And especially those who made the tournament teams and won awards:

AFF U14 Girls - Champions!
Tournament Team Selection - Lara Colpi (Western Springs)
MVP - Lara Colpi (Western Springs)
Golden Boot - Lara Colpi (Western Springs)

AFF U14 Boys - 2nd Place
Tournament Team Selection - Adama Coulilbaly (Western Springs)

AFF U15 Boys - Champions!

AFF U16 Girls - Second Place

AFF U16 Boys - Sixth Place
Tournament Team Selection - Matthew Thomas (Western Springs)


*A tournament team is made up of the best 11 players within the grade coming from the different positions

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