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Football Psychology: Mind Over Feet

Have you ever wondered how successful athletes and sportspeople get to the top?

What gives them their cutting edge?

Join Nic Cao from Sport Psychology Associates for the first of two, sport psychology presentations at Western Springs AFC. Nick will discuss the main concepts of what sport/football psychology looks like on an individual athlete (and family) level and in the context of teams and how it benefits coaches and team dynamics.

Learn some basic mental skills and their application for footballers of different levels, recovering from setbacks, resilience, amongst other topics. There will be a chance to ask questions at the end of the session.


Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm

When: 12th April 2021

Where: WSAFC Club Rooms


Nic Cao (Sport Psychology Associates)

Nic is from Auckland and is passionate about sports.  He has a specialised interest in football and tennis and enjoys supporting athletes of all levels.  Nic is a graduate of the University of Auckland Health Psychology programme, and for the last eight years he has supported people in a variety of therapeutic settings.  Nic’s approach is underpinned by compassion and authenticity, and he is trained in evidence-based practices such as cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.   

Some of the issues Nic supports people with include: performance anxiety, enhancing motivation and confidence levels, managing expectations and self-criticism, and handling setbacks of all kinds that impact can impact on performance and general health.