Activity Card Football Technique 7-8 1v1 Attack v Defence

1 v 1 ATTACK v DEFENCE (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 7-8 years


  1. Using four cones create an area up to 20m x 20m
  2. Use small cones to create 4 goals, 2m apart, within the area
  3. Split the players into 2 groups, attackers with a ball each, defenders without


  1. The first attacker starts at the end line between the two ‘flat’ goals. They aim to beat the defender and dribble through one of the ‘angled’ goals at the other end
  2. If the defender wins the ball they aim to dribble through one of the ‘flat’ goals
  3. If the ball leaves the area the attacker returns to the end of the line and another attacker starts
  4. Each team has 2 turns of 2 mins. To score as many goals as possible (in attack only)


INTERMEDIATE: The defender passes the ball to the attacker to start, and then closes down quickly
ADVANCED: One attacker vs. two defenders


  • Dribbling and changing direction with close ball control
  • Keeping head up for awareness of space and other players while dribbling
  • Using fakes and turns to beat a defender
  • Passing accuracy