Activity Card Football Technique 4-6 Fishy Fishy

FISHY FISHY (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 4-6 years


  1. Area of up to 20 x 15m. Modify area depending on the number and age of players.
  2. Players (fish) are gathered at shallow end of the sea (end of playing area) with or without a ball.
  3. The coach (shark) stands in the deep part of the sea (middle of playing area) with a ball.


  1. Shark begins game by shouting “Fishy, Fishy, Fishy come and swim in my sea”.
  2. Fish respond “Sharky, Sharky, Sharky you can’t catch me” and try to swim (run or dribble) to the opposite shallow end of the sea.
  3. Sharks try to “eat” the fish by passing their ball and hitting player’s below the knee or the player’s football.
  4. If fish is “eaten”, they become a shark. The last fish swimming is the winner.


  • Put fish in pairs with one ball between them. Fish must pass the ball to each other 3 times whilst swimming to other side.


  • Dribbling under close control whilst using different parts of the foot
  • Ability to change speed with the ball
  • Ability to use different fakes / turns to disguise