Activity Card Football Technique 4-6 Jail Break

JAIL BREAK (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 4-6 years


  1. Create an area up to 20m x 20m. Modify the size depending on the number of players
  2. Choose one player to start in the middle as the ‘police officer’
  3. As soon as players understand the game, give every player a ball, except for the ‘police officer’


  1. The player in the middle starts as the ‘police officer’
  2. On your signal, the remaining ‘robbers’ run past the ‘police officer’ to the other end
  3. Any player tagged by the ‘police officer’ must ‘freeze’ and stay on that spot trying to tag the other ‘robbers’ as they pass
  4. The game ends when all ‘robbers’ are tagged. Start again with a new ‘police officer’


BASIC: Start with more than one ‘police officer’
INTERMEDIATE: All ‘robbers’ have a ball and the ‘police officer’ must tackle them or knock their ball out of the area


  • Dribbling and changing direction with close ball control
  • Keeping head up for awareness of space and other players while dribbling
  • Timing of the tackle