Activity Card Football Technique 7-8 King of the Ring

KING OF THE RING (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 7-8 years


  1. Create an area up to 30m x 30m. Modify the size depending on the number of players
  2. Every player starts inside the area with a ball each


  1. Players dribble the ball inside the area, protecting their own ball, while trying to kick out other players balls
  2. Each player starts with 10 points, and any time their ball leaves the area, kicked out or otherwise, they lose one point
  3. The winner is the player left with the most points after playing for 2 min. The game can then re-start


INTERMEDIATE: Players who lose their ball remain outside the area juggling their ball. The last person in the area is ‘king of the ring’
ADVANCED: Specify which foot the player must use to control the ball


  • Dribbling and changing direction with close ball control
  • Keeping head up for awareness of space and other players while dribbling
  • Players ability to use their body to protect the ball while under pressure