Activity Card Football Technique 7-12 Knock Out

KNOCK OUT (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 7-12 years


  1. Area of up to 20x20m
  2. Each player has a football each
  3. All players begin inside the area


  • Players attempt to keep their football inside the area
  • At the same time players also have to try and kick other people’s football out of the area
  • If a player has their ball kicked out of the area, they must retrieve it and dribble around 2 sides of the area before re-entering
  • At the end of 60 seconds, the remaining people inside the area are the winners

Step Up
If your ball is kicked out of the area, you become a defender

Step Down
Introduce safe zones where you can stay for a while and not be tackled


  • Moving the body & ball to beat a defender
  • Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Dribbling at a defender