Activity Card Football Technique 7-12 Moving Goals

MOVING GOALS  (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 7-12 years


  1. Set up area 30x20m. Modify area depending on the number and age of players.
  2. Two ‘goals’ inside the area. Goals are made by two players (Reds) holding one end of a bib each (stretched out) to form a goal.
  3. All other players (Blues) have a ball each.
  4. Place spare footballs around the perimeter.


  1. The 2 ‘goals’ move around the area keeping a bib stretched out to maintain distance between them.
  2. Players dribble around and try to score by kicking the ball between goal, underneath the bib. Players follow their pass/shot to collect the ball and continue.
  3. 1 point for every goal. Try to score as many points as possible in 90 seconds.
  4. Change over the Goals after every 90 seconds.


  • Coach to specify which foot to pass with (left/right)
  • Increase or decrease the size of the area
  • Goals can defend by stopping the balls using feet


  • Passing and Shooting
  • Timing of the pass/shot
  • Weight of pass
  • Awareness of passing angles
  • Dribbling & Turning