Activity Card Football Technique 4-9 Pokemon Go

POKEMON GO (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 4-9 years


  1. Area of up to 20x20m
  2. 2 players are bibbed and have a football each. These are the Avatars and their football is the “Poke Ball”
  3. All other players begin inside the area without a football. These are the Pokemon
  4. Other Poke Balls placed around the outside of the area


  • Two “Avatars” try and catch “Pokemon” by hitting them below the knee with a “Poke Ball”
  • Once hit below the knee the Pokemon becomes an Avatar. They then retrieve a Poke Ball from outside the area and try and catch other Pokemon
  • Play 1 minute rounds to see how many Pokemon can be caught

Step Up
Make the area size bigger to force longer passes

Step Down
Increase the number of Avatars at the start of the game


  • Passing Accuracy
  • Passing Speed
  • Timing of pass
  • Dribbling whilst keeping the ball close to you