Activity Card Football Technique 9-12 Power and Finesse

POWER AND FINESSE  (Football Technique)
Suitable for players aged 9-12 years



  1. Area of up to 40x20m.
  2. Goal is in the middle in the middle of the area.
  3. Coach is by the side of the goal with all footballs.
  4. Players are split into two teams and bibbed accordingly.
  5. Players are lined behind cones as shown in diagram.


  1. Coach passes a ball to the first Red player. Ball is passed for the player to shoot with a first time finish. Red player must shoot at goal with Power (using laces). Straight after the first shot, coach passes another ball to the same player and they shoot with finesse (inside of foot).
    - If they score 0 goals they move behind the goal in jail
    - If they score 1 goal they are safe and go to the back of their team line
    - If they score 2 goals they are safe, go to the back of their team line and can also release a team mate from jail
  2. Coach then roles a ball to the first Blue player and repeat the process.
  3. A team wins when all of the opposition is in jail.


  • Must take one shot with the left foot and 1 with right
  • If a shot goes over or wide and players in jail catch it, they can join back in the shooting line
  • If players in jail complete a number of kick-ups, they can return to the shooting line


  • First time finishing – power and accuracy
  • Quick reactions to shoot