Girls Muster

2023 Details

We invite players to attend muster sessions to help with forming our Girls Academy & Social Teams. 

Our Girls Academy Teams are formed considering player potential and their commitment/motivation to train & play more.  The number of Academy teams per grade will depend upon the ability/commitment/motivation of players to play in these teams.

Players who have different motivations and preferences can play in one of our Girls Social Teams (formed with player preferences in mind such as friendships and usually training 1x weekly) and can also attend the muster sessions. They can state their preferences when they complete club registration for the 2023 season.

Many girls choose to play in mixed teams and we also encourage this. Girls can play in mixed teams either in their own grade or one grade lower. Any interested girls should see the information about Mixed Academy U9-U12 and Mixed Academy Youth teams and those Player Identification sessions. Girls may attend both girls and mixed sessions to help with their decision making of where to play.

Click the below buttons for information on Muster Days for the Relevant age groups.

Grading is strictly based on the year of birth: (2023 Season)

2018 - 5th Grade  |  2017 - 6th Grade  |  2016 – 7th Grade  |  2015 – 8th Grade  |   2014 – 9th Grade  | 2013 – 10th Grade  |  2012 – 11th Grade  |  2011 – 12th Grade  |  2010 - 13th Grade  |  2009 - 14th Grade  |  2008 - 15th Grade  |  2007 - 16th Grade  |  2006 - 17th Grade  |  2005 - 18th Grade  |  2004 - 19th Grade