Activity Card General Movement 7-12 Capture the Flag

CAPTURE THE FLAG   (General Movement)
Suitable for players aged 7-12 years


  1. Set up area 30x20m, split into 10x20m thirds. Modify area depending on the age & number of players.
  2. Split group into 2 even teams.
  3. Place footballs (flags) on cones on each of the end lines. Ensure that there are more flags than there are defenders.
  4. Use double cones to show thirds.


  1. Each team must enter the other teams defensive zone and then capture a flag. Once player has the flag they are safe to return to home base.
  2. Opposition players can stop the other team by tagging them in their defensive third. The attacking player must then return to their goal line before they can attack again.
  3. 3 minute games, who can steal the most opposition flags?


  • Players can dribble the ball back to home base
  • Give players defensive or attacking roles
  • Players are allowed the tackle the opposition in the middle zone (third)
  • Players are allowed to pass back to teammates in their home base (Defensive third)
  • Increase or decrease the size of the area


  • Dodging, weaving, acceleration
  • Awareness of space
  • Dribbling and passing
  • Awareness of passing angles
  • Awareness of roles and responsibilities (defense/attack)