Activity Card General Movement 4-6 Chain Tag

CHAIN TAG   (General Movement)
Suitable for players aged 4-6 years


  1. Create an area as large as possible (30m x 20m)
  2. Create 1 or 2 pairs by asking some of the players to join a partner
  3. All the other players are free to move around inside the area


  1. While keeping their hands joined, the pair tries to tag the free players with their free hands. Everyone runs around while the taggers chase the free players
  2. When a free player is tagged they join the pair, which becomes a threesome or a ‘chain of three’ 3
  3. The three continue to chase and when a fourth person is tagged, they break into two chains of two and both chains continue to chase and tag
  4. The game is completed when everyone is in a chain


BASIC: Investigate different movements i.e. walking, jogging, skipping, hopping


  • Agility while changing direction at speed
  • Coordinated speed
  • Develops spatial awareness