Activity Card General Movement 7-8 Octopus

OCTOPUS   (General Movement)
Suitable for players aged 7-8 years


  1. Using four cones create an area of up to 20m x 20m Modify the size depending on the number of players
  2. Create ‘bases’ inside the area using four small cones to make a square. Spread these arms-length apart
  3. Assign a player to each ‘base’ (the octopuses)


  1. Once each base has a player (octopus), the remaining players attempt to cross from one side to the other without being tagged
  2. If a player is tagged they have to go back and start again
  3. Assign new roles to players to ensure everyone has a go at being an octopus


INTERMEDIATE: ‘Hospital’ tag – if a player is tagged, they can keep going but not use that body part e.g. left leg tagged means hopping on the right only
ADVANCED: Tagger challenge – octopuses can only tag in certain ways – e.g. must tag left leg using right hand


  • Agility while changing direction
  • Mobility over a range of movement (crouching, rolling, jumping, swerving)
  • Develops spatial awareness