Activity Card General Movement 4-6 Sharks Island

SHARKS ISLAND   (General Movement)
Suitable for players aged 4-6 years


  1. Using four cones create an area of up to 20m x 20m Modify the size depending on the number of players
  2. Use small cones to make several 1m x 1m ‘islands’ inside the area. There are fewer ‘islands’ than ‘islanders’
  3. All players start inside the area as ‘islanders’ except for two of the players who are asked to be the ‘sharks’


  1. The ‘islanders’ run around the area, while the two ‘sharks’ wait for your call to start the game
  2. The ‘sharks’ try to tag the ‘islanders’ as they run around the area. An ‘islander’ who gets tagged becomes a ‘shark’ and vice versa
  3. An ‘islander’ who is on an ‘island’ is safe, but only one ‘islander’ can stay on an island at one time. If another ‘islander’ is coming they have to leave


BASIC: Reduce the number of islands or increase the number of sharks
INTERMEDIATE: Give all the ‘islanders’ a ball, and instead of being tagged by the ‘sharks’, they must now be tackled


  • Agility while changing direction
  • Mobility over a range of movement (running, rolling, jumping, swerving)
  • Develops spatial awareness