Activity Card General Movement 4-6 Stuck in the Mud

STUCK IN THE MUD   (General Movement)
Suitable for players aged 4-6 years


  1. Create an area up to 20m x 20m. Modify the size depending on the number of players
  2. All players start inside the area. Allocate a bib to one player, who is the ‘swamp zombies’


  1. Players run around the area escaping the ‘swamp zombies’
  2. The ‘swamp zombie’ attempts to tag players causing them to get ‘stuck in the mud’
  3. If tagged the player must stay in one place, with their legs apart
  4. The other players can ‘free’ a tagged player by crawling through their legs
  5. After 1 ½ min. A new ‘swamp zombie’ is chosen and the game re-starts


BASIC: Add another ‘swamp zombie’
INTERMEDIATE: Change the type of movement players can use e.g. hopping, bounding, jumping


  • Agility while changing direction
  • Mobility over a range of movement (crouching, rolling, jumping, swerving)
  • Develops spatial awareness