15. In-house Draw 8 – Week 9

Fun Football
Week 9 – 8th July

Hooter Tooter: Leicester City

Warm-Up Activity
Fit 4 Football - #1 Statues / Skating Hop / Single Leg Stance

Fun Football Rotation Activities
Football Technique - Trucks and Trailers
Football Coordination - First to Score

Small-Sided Games x 2

Walker 1A

Arsenal v Newcastle United

Walker 1B

Brighton v Manchester United

Walker 1C

Crystal Palace v Swansea

Walker 1D

Everton v Spurs

Walker 1E

Liverpool v Wolves

Walker 5A

Manchester City v West Ham

Walker 5B

Burnley v Southampton

Walker 5C

Norwich City v Chelsea

Walker 5D

Watford v Leicester City

Walker 5E

West Brom v Leeds United