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Junior & Youth Season Registrations Open

OPEN 7th Feb - 15th March 2021



Last season we introduced Friendly Manager as our registration system. For those who haven't registered for any term programmes or holiday programmes during the year, and aren't familiar with the process, please click here to be directed to our registrations page for more details on how to register.


All 2020 Junior and Youth Members have the opportunity to apply a discount code to receive a discount off Junior and Youth fees for the 2021 Season. You must register before the close of registrations (15th March 2021) to take advantage of the discount. Members, please check your emails for details on the discount code.



You may notice that the 2021 season is kicking off later than usual, this was a decision made by Northern Region Football in conjunction with the council and other leading sporting codes to help with managing use of sports facilities throughout the year.

Inhouse Junior (5th - 12th Grade)
8th May - 25th September 2021
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NRF Community Junior (11th - 12th Grade)
8th May - 2nd October 2021
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NRF Community Youth (13th - 19th Grade)
8th May - 2nd October 2021
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NRF Championship Youth (13th - 17th Grade)
9th May - 26th September 2021
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NRFL Youth Mixed (13th - 17th Grade)
11th April - 26th September 2021
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NRFL Youth Girls (13th - 16th Grade)
10th April - 25th September 2021
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In 2020 the Northern Region Football (a merger between Auckland Football Federation and Northern Football Federation) announced a 25% discount on fees and advised that this money would be returned to all Football Clubs (by applying a credit to the 2021 fees). Although 25% sounds significant, when spread across the club, this only equates to a small amount per person.

The WSAFC Executive Committee revisited our fee structure at length, taking into consideration the affect that COVID has had on the club and its members. The club lost a great deal of revenue due to the closure of the bar, reduced and lost sponsorship for example, and we are of course aware that our members have personally been affected, some more than others.

Therefore, it has been agreed that the 2021 season fees will remain the same as last season, and as a club, we are committed to passing on savings, therefore upon registering, 2020 members will be able to apply a discount code to receive a rebate, please check your email for more information. Please note that this rebate is only available to those that registered and played in 2020. 

We would like to say thank you to those Club Members who supported the Club last year in paying their fees in full and also to our Sponsors and the Community Partners, we work with for funding grants.



Player ID Sessions are for those players in 8th - 19th grade who have aspirations to play in a development team and/or be placed in a team alongside players of the same age and skill level.

All players are welcome to attend, have some fun and play a range of games, often small-sided, that allows them to demonstrate their skills.

Sessions will be running from 2nd Feb - 5th March. For more information specific to your grade and to confirm your attendance please click here. 

Players whose priority is to play with friends (or stay in the same teams as in 2020) should not attend these Player ID sessions but instead will be placed in teams by their grade coordinator. Grade Coordinators will finalise these teams once players are registered and any playing preferences have been received.



Western Springs runs its own skill centre providing kids from 5 to 12 years with opportunities to develop key technical skills and decision making in a series of sessions throughout each term. 

The focus is on having fun and learning in a safe environment alongside other players of a similar age. The Springs Skill Centre runs throughout 4 terms of the school year with the 2021 programme starting from 22 February.

Leading coaches include our Football Development Manager (Andy Vernon) and other club male and female coaches who are educated up to the NZF Advanced Junior Level 3. CLICK HERE for more info and bookings.