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Player ID Session Dates 2022

Western Springs AFC are excited to announce our Player ID session dates for the 2022 season!

Our Player ID sessions are for those players in 8th - 19th grade.  For information about who these sessions are aimed at and the benefits of attending, and to register for them, please click through to your child’s grade:

Current My Vaccine Pass Guidance

Please note the current guidance from New Zealand Football (NZF) and Northern Region Football (NRF) to clubs is that players who are 12+, coaches, managers, officials and volunteers will require vaccination certificates (or a medical exemption) to participate in football this year.

To proceed with our Term 1 football programmes and player ID sessions, the club will need to adhere to this guidance.  Therefore, only players who have shared their Vaccine Passes with the club can take part in any of the football programmes, player ID sessions and games that will follow.


Uploading My Vaccine Pass to Friendly Manager

The process for uploading vaccine passports onto Friendly Manager should take 2-3 minutes. The vaccine passport is not held in Friendly Manager but specific details (the person’s name, date of birth, valid from date and expiry date) are recorded so a club administrator can verify it belongs to the person.

  1. Login to Friendly Manager by clicking here 
  2. Click on the relevant player in the family
  3. Click on the Vaccine Pass header
  4. Follow instructions to upload
  5. The Vaccine Pass symbol will turn from red to yellow, and then once verified by a club administrator change to green. You will only be contacted by a club administrator if the details uploaded do not match the correct person on Friendly Manager.


Contact Details

For any questions about My Vaccine Pass uploads please contact:

Operations Manager: Kelly Bolus -


For any questions about Mixed Player ID sessions please contact:

Head of Junior & Youth Football: Andy Vernon –


For any questions about Girls Player ID sessions please contact:

Head of Women’s Football: Ryan Faithfull –