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Our Premier Men and Women kick off this weekend

The new Northern League competition is kicking off this weekend and it is a home game for the women, so come on down and show your support!

The National League is New Zealand Football’s biggest-ever football league competition and is designed to prioritise youth development and sustainability while providing an open structure that allows any club in the country the ability to compete at a national level in both women’s and men’s football.

The men’s competition features 30 teams competing in three regional leagues, the Northern League, the Central League and the Southern League, with the top sides in each qualifying for the National League Championship phase.

The women’s competition will see the best four club sides from the northern region, plus four federation sides from the rest of the country, competing over 14 rounds for the National League Championship title from September to December. The competition will transition to a fully club-based model as capability grows.

It is an exciting year ahead for our premier teams, the new National League represents a great opportunity for all clubs but not without its challenges. Our Head of Womens Football, Ryan Faithfull's thoughts... "to have the opportunity to qualify and participate in the National League this year is great for any club, and is a challenge our team is aiming to achieve."

Mens Premier Head Coach, Chris Zoricich is equally looking forward to the season and "seeing our Springs style of play develop throughout the season bringing an exciting high tempo game for the fans at Seddon to enjoy."

Friday 26 March, 7:30pm Seddon Fields
v Northern Rovers


Saturday 27th March, 3:00pm, Fred Taylor Park
v West Coast Rangers

Rueben Parker
Elliot Munford
Liam Gilbert
Samu Kautoga
Zac Zoricich
Bradley Thomas
Josh Margetts
Jared Sinkinson
Niko Steinmetz
Finn Cochran
Gerard Garriga
Dane Schnell
Roddy Lockhart
Tuyi Byamana
Aiden Iqbal
Kenta Nakashima
Oscar Browne
Angus Kilkolly
Sam Margetts
Dawson Straffon
Wade Molony
Alisha Perry
Casey Berrier
Lily Jervis
Jaedeci Uluvili
Tayla O'Brien
Jo Muir
Arisa Takeda
Georgia Brown
Emma Phelps
Emma Pijnenburg
Lily Taitimu
Rosa Caird
Jess Innes
Maggie Pedersen
Samara Dullabh
Chloe Henderson
Gerri Gibson
Lara Colpi
Siena Cohen-Parikh
Sophia Dyer
Rina Hirano

Next Games...

Home Thursday April 1st vs Auckland United at 7.30pm

Home Friday April 2nd vs Eastern Suburbs at 5pm
Home Monday April 5th vs North Shore United at 5pm (KO time TBC)