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A Night to Forget but Onwards and Upwards

Not the performance he wanted but Zoro remains calm


A tight affair, they took their chances, we didn't, fair assessment?

To be honest we were beaten by the better team on the night. We weren’t quite up to our usual standard and yes got punished by a strong side. We didn’t create anywhere near enough chances to be able to hurt them.


4 wins followed by 3 losses. How's the team morale and, big question, how will you address the slide?

Team morale is still good. We should have been confident going into the Auckland United game off the back of the second half performance v ACFC where we pushed one of the best squads in this league all the way. Unfortunately we couldn’t replicate that intensity on Friday. We are still in a good position and will look to get back on track this week.


As with previous years, the league is going to be incredibly tight. That must ensure no panic button is pressed too soon, right?

No need to talk about a panic button just yet! There’s plenty of football to be played!


Bay Olympic up next. Having a very mixed season results wise, does that make it hard to predict how they play?

Yes it does in some respect. Look we are expecting another tough encounter but will analyze the opposition and look to exploit any possible weaknesses as well as continuing to work hard this week on improving our game plan.


The Junior & Youth season kicks off this weekend. You keep a close eye on the various grades, any grade that's really caught your eye?

Our younger junior grades 10s & 11s are looking very promising as are our 12s.

In the NRFL youth league our 13s & 15s have had a good starts.


Any advice for all the parents out there to help them ensure their son or daughter has the best season ever?

Let the coaches coach and provide positive support to your son or daughter. If your son or daughter aren’t getting selected for whatever reason ask them to ask the coach reasons why and try to get them to work hard to prove them wrong!