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PREMIER MEN: Round 9 Review


Head Coach Chris Zoricich welcomes the 3 points and his team grind out the win


A huge 3 points. Back up to 3rd place and nice to halt the slide after 4 losses.  Was it a bigger feeling of relief over happiness for the win?

Yes 3 points was definitely the focus for us on Friday. We needed to get back to winning ways for a number of reasons and although it wasn’t pretty at times it was definitely a good feeling to come off the park having battled hard to secure a win. 


There was a fair amount of balls hit towards the Manukau right back position, was that an area of weakness you had identified or something the players saw on the pitch?

Not necessarily although yes we had identified areas we could hurt the opposition as we do with all the teams. We also look to play to our strengths. 


You were clearly frustrated about the team not keeping hold of possession. Where is the balance of getting it up the pitch quickly versus keeping hold of possession? 

That’s the secret isn’t it! Once we can get the right balance between transition moments and retaining possession we will be a very difficult team to play against. 


A lot is made of and discussed about playing on turf versus grass. In your opinion, is there much adjustment to be made for the players?

Yes. In my opinion we should be playing all NRFL games on grass. The ball doesn’t run true on our turf and it does become difficult for players especially when it’s dry and windy! 


Northern Rovers this weekend. You'll be looking for a 90 minute performance from the boys?

Yes we spoke last week about how we are going to approach the next four games (starting with the Bay Olympic game) and set targets for each of them. We will be working on certain things during the week that is specific to the next game and hopefully can come away with a more rounded performance but we know it’s going to be a tough challenge.