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Premier Women: Round 5 Review

A perfect 5 as Springs Complete the League Sweep

Head of Women's Football, Ryan Faithfull looks back on the opening round of games and expects life to get a little tougher from now on.

So, we've played all 5 teams and come away with 5 wins. 8 points clear. Give us your assessment of where the team is now as we move into the next group of games.

We’ve had the opportunity to challenge ourselves against all the teams in the league and showcase a few clinical performances. The second round will prove to be even more difficult as all teams have begun to familiarise themselves with each other's strengths and weaknesses. We’re always looking to make incremental improvements to our game.


Ellerslie were as tough as expected. Was it a case of being patient? how were you feeling at halftime?

Ellerslie is a good team and have been unlucky to not have picked up more points from the first round. They are difficult to play against and have very athletic players that will look to expose you on the counter-attack. We discussed two solutions to bypass Ellerslie's defensive structure and I was pleased to see our players recognise and execute this so quickly in the second half.


Change in goal with Kitty Jacob coming in. Another clean sheet for the team. Correct to say, it felt like she just slotted right into the well-oiled defensive machine?

Yes, it was pleasing to maintain a clean sheet against Ellerslie and credit to the whole squad for achieving this. Kitty is another talented youngster who has developed through the Youth grades at Western Springs AFC and also had two standout performances at the two most recent Under 17 National Tournaments.


Away again at Northern Rovers next Sunday. They have been pretty consistent since we met on the opening day. Have you had a chance to track their progress?

Yes, we keep a close eye on all our opponents and watch every match in the league. It’s important to recognise patterns and trends and database information that can become useful later in the season.


Our 3 Senior Womens teams - Hot Springs, New Eagles and Kereru, kick off their season this weekend. All with their own hopes and prayers for the months ahead. What piece of professional advice can you give them? 

I’ve been following the progress of Hot Springs, Eagles and Kereru through preseason. As always, get out onto the pitch and enjoy yourselves. Have fun and compete hard. We’re all hoping for a longer season than last year!!