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Premier Women: Round 6 Review

Springs Show Never Say Die Attitude in Exciting Draw

Heach Coach Ryan thrilled with a late comeback and looks ahead to the Junior & Youth season...

Our 100% record is gone but you must be happy to avoid the L. Happy? or annoyed to be 3-1 down in the first place?

I am neither happy or annoyed about the result. I feel disappointed to concede the goals we did; but pleased with the reaction of the players to fight their way back into the match after being two goals down. This shows incredible team character and attitude.


Other results mean we keep the 6 point gap at the top. A nice place to be. What did you say to the team in the sheds after?

I was proud of the players efforts, and attitude but we must continue to improve and learn from the mistakes we made in the match.


Auckland United up next. Previous game was tough and only settled with some Arisa magic. Expect the same again this week?

Auckland were a difficult side in the first round and we expect them to be another challenging match for us.


The Junior & Youth season kicks off this weekend. Do you get to see how the various grades are getting on? any grade that's really caught your eye?

Yes, I am looking forward to observing the Junior and Youth teams get their season underway this weekend. It’s been a long and busy preseason that had been disrupted with the early lockdown’s. I am hoping to be at Seddon Fields to support and keep a close eye on our developing talent.