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PREMIER WOMEN: Round 8 Review


Head of Women's Football, Ryan Faithfull Reflects on a Job Very Well Done


A very good day at the office. That must have been very satisfying to watch. Talk us through how you saw the game unfold?

The team played well collectively against Eastern Suburbs. Despite the Suburbs goal, we defended well and showed a much-improved performance from the weekend before. It was important for us to bounce back and manifest together.


After last week's loss and firing a blank, did you make any tactical changes or was it a case of keeping faith with the process?

It was important for us to minimise our mistakes with and without the ball and stay true to our team objectives. We know we will create chances but we need to stay patient.


A lot is made of and discussed about playing on turf versus grass. In your opinion, is there much adjustment to be made for the players?

Yes, playing on turf and on grass can be significantly different. The ball can hold a different bounce and can roll and skip along the surface when you’re on the ball. Our players adjust well to play on both surfaces.


A roadie down to Hamilton this weekend, they gave us a hard game a few weeks back. We play Ellerslie at home 5 days later, will that impact team selection?

We’re looking forward to travelling down to Hamilton this weekend, we know Hamilton Wanderers are always a difficult team to play against and we will need to be at our best to create a positive performance. Team selections are normally considered game to game and we will assess the squad after Hamilton and decide how we will progress forward to the Ellerslie match.


Give us an update on the development team. How do you see them progressing both in training and their matches?

I am pleased with the way the development team is progressing. Alec and the teamwork hard collectively and apply their training principles in their performances. I really enjoy watching the development team play together and observing individuals who are putting their hands up for Premier team selection.