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Sophia Dyer Joins AFF National Womens Squad

Congratulations Sophia!

The 2019 AFF National Womens squad now includes a 5th Springs player with the announcement of Sophia Dyer joining the squad in October.

We actually have a total of seven awesome women representing Western Springs AFC...

AFF NWL Squad 2019
#1 Nadia Olla (Western Springs)
#3 Lizzie Anton (Western Springs)
#12 Sarah Morton (Western Springs)
#20 Jaedeci Uluvili (Western Springs)
#22 Sophia Dyer (Western Springs)

AFF Development Player
Emma Pijnenburg (Western Springs)

Team Manager
Kelly Bolus​​​​​​​ (Western Springs)


After 7 rounds, the AFF National Womens team is sitting 2nd equal on the table.

Check out all results and game highlights...…/national-womens-league