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Springs Profiles: Football and Studies the Perfect Combination

Our player pathway begins at junior level where we want 5-12 year olds to increase their passion for the game and their playing skills. Then it's on to the youth level where we look to keep young players involved and enthusiastic about playing in the vulnerable age category of 13 to 19.
Some players will make the transition to senior football during this time. Our goal is to provide our Premier Men and Womens team with a wealth of exciting talent.
That isn't always the final destination for some of our players who are also looking to further their education along with their football career.
Western Springs has provided the below young men with a platform to combine the both in some exciting destinations.

Aiden Iqbal 

Bryant Bulldogs
Rhode Island, Connecticut 

Things are going well. Our team plays very direct so obviously I'm struggling a bit but I am playing well at the moment.  I’m just adjusting to the heat and getting about 30 minutes a game. The facilities here are crazy, the football standard is probably similar to the northern league, just less technical and more physical. I’m enjoying my time but miss Springs a lot and really hoping the boys can get the national league spot!


Bradley Thomas

Southern Oregon Raiders
Ashland, Oregon

I arrived stateside 6 weeks ago, and have settled into the Southern Oregon Raiders soccer team. I love the environment and professionalism the team and coach provide.  Training and games are quality, I’ve started 4 out of 4 games with 4 wins, including the CalifOregon Cup, a cup between teams on the Oregon and California border. I also got Man of the Match too. I’m looking forward to the upcoming challenges and having a successful season with SOU Men’s Soccer.


Bradley Wilson 

Doshisha University
Kyoto, Japan 

Starting playing at Springs 2007

As of last week, it has been one year since I made the move from living quite comfortably at home in Auckland to living on my own in Japan. My Japanese nationality enabled me to come even during the pandemic and I am currently about to start my second year at Doshisha University in Kyoto.

It didn’t take long and came as a bit of a shock when realising how high the level is here, how different the game is played and also how much they train. I am still slowly getting used to it while also adapting to the constantly busy Japanese lifestyle. However, I have learnt so much already and think I have definitely developed not only as a player but also as a person. 

With football not exactly going as expected and not being able to see my family and close friends, it has been quite tough for me at times. However, I’ve still got a long 3 years to go and I will keep giving my 100% until the end. 

I’m also missing all of the Springs family back home and wishing everyone the best of luck in their seasons (which can hopefully be resumed soon).


Harry Freeman 

Campbellsville University

Started playing at Springs 2017

I’m at Campbellsville University and I’m fortunate enough to be starting in the varsity team. We have started off to a great start, I’m really enjoying the environment and the players are top notch.


Ivan Cibilich 

Campbellsville University

Started playing at Springs 2015

I’m enjoying it so far, I’m at Campbellsville University with Harry freeman and we both have been training hard getting ready for the season and nationals


Luke Jerkovic 

Cashmere Technical

Started playing at Springs 2008

After starting at Springs in 2008 this year I have decided to move down to Christchurch for university. I am currently playing at Cashmere Technical in the New Zealand southern league. The experience this year has been a joy. Getting to train around top players in the South Island while also travelling has been a good break from university life. The highlights from this year have included Making the final of the regional cup, winning the mainland premier league and making a semi final run in the Chatham cup. I have played in almost every game either coming off the bench or starting totalling roughly 20 appearances for the season. My personal goal in the future is to make an appearance in the national league and make the Chatham cup final at North harbour stadium.


Ronan Wynne 

University of Denver
Denver. Colorado

We’ve started the season with one win one loss and I’ve started both games at right centre back in a back 3. 



Sam Funnell 

Metropolitan State University
Denver. Colorado. 

It’s been going very well, we have our first game of the season this Friday. It has definitely been a culture change in terms of lifestyle and football style. It is a very fast paced game. We train almost everyday and it feels like a professional environment while still going to school at the same time.


Seb Stephan

Barton College
North Carolina